Saturday, July 8, 2023

*NEW RELEASE* The Mire Witch (Between Dark and Light)

I'm thrilled to announce, "The Mire Witch," the latest book in my nonconnected children's horror series, "Between Dark and Light," is available now on Amazon for only 99 cents! Like I basically just said, you don't need to have read any of the other books in the series to read it, as it's a self-contained tale, and it happens to lean more toward the "light" side of "Between Dark and Light." Check it out and share if you know of anyone who might enjoy it!

All her life, Mara has lived in the cabin realm, a magical realm in the world of Ellendra that consists of a tiny cabin and its front and back yards. It was created by her late father, a powerful wizard, to protect her and her mother from the most powerful dark wizard of all time, Lord Sycorath. Ever since Mara’s birth, Lord Sycorath has been desperate to kill her, for she’s destined to have enough innate magic power by the age of eighteen to finally defeat him and end his vile reign over Ellendra.

But at eleven years old, Mara’s starting to suspect her mother has been keeping secrets from her. Dark secrets ever since her birth about the cabin realm, her magical destiny, and even Ellendra itself. Will Mara ignore the warning signs and continue to live her idyllic, though sheltered life? Or will she take a bold step toward uncovering the truth—even if it means potentially putting not only herself, but her mother and everyone in Ellendra in grave danger?

Available on Amazon now!