Sunday, April 21, 2024

The Mire Witch Receives 5 Stars from The Faerie Review!

According to the book review blog The Faerie Review, “The Mire Witch," part of my children's horror series "Between Dark and Light," is “easily the best to the series yet, there's so much I loved about it” and it's "an excellent read for middle grade readers and anyone who enjoys mystical adventures!"

You can find the full The Faerie Review here: 

Here's the book's Amazon link:

Friday, April 5, 2024

Mass Exodus - Initial Cover Sketches

Here are the first cover sketches of my upcoming young adult science fiction book, Mass Exodus. They're supposed to depict a scene from one hundred million years in the future with a fictional dinosaur from that era (there's another dinosaur age in the future in the story). Since this is young adult, the main character is seventeen years old. Anyway, I like the first version better, so I'm going with that one. More updates coming soon on both the cover art and the book itself. Stay tuned!

Wednesday, April 3, 2024

*Cover Reveal!* "The Groundworld Heroes" by Adrian So

Today is the official cover reveal day (okay, technically I'm a day off - it was yesterday, but still!) for Adrian So's new middle-grade book The Groundworld Heroes. Below is the beautiful cover and back-cover copy, and look for the book to officially release on April 6!!! A big congrats to Adrian So and be sure to snag yourself a copy as soon as you can!

“An original voice and a fun, funny adventure underground.” - Adam Rex, NYT Bestselling Author of THE TRUE MEANING OF SMEKDAY

When Groundworld is on the brink of extinction, it takes one mole with courage to save the day.

When Benjamin, a junior mole digger, witnesses a human invasion of his homeland, he must find his long-lost courage and unite two culturally distinct realms to fight the intruders and save his kind from extinction. What perils lie before him as he ventures into the unknown? Can Benjamin go up against a rough bunch of illegal animal trappers before it’s too late?

Meet the Groundworld heroes as they defend their country’s sovereignty and save their fellow citizens from capture and extinction.

Perfect for fans of Kate Dicamillo and Roald Dahl.