Tuesday, May 1, 2018

PICKET TOWN Officially Released

I'm a little late announcing this on my blog, but my latest book - a middle-grade science fiction called Picket Town - is now officially available on amazon.com: https://tinyurl.com/yb9jf3s2. It actually officially released April 24 - whoo-hoooo! It's an alien story with a dystopian and psychological thriller feel to it, and it's published by Clean Reads. Below is the cover and a short description. Check it out!

Don’t go into the woods…

Just when twelve-year-old Amanda’s town couldn’t possibly get any more boring, a bacterium breaks out. The disease only affects kids, giving them cold-like symptoms and a ring of gross, purple sores on their foreheads. Even more disturbing, none of the infected have returned from the hospital.

Meanwhile, Amanda drags her wimpy friend Sam along to explore the woods near her house. They stumble on what appears to be a spaceship in a clearing, but before they can begin to wrap their minds around that bizarre and eerie discovery, something flies out of the ship. Something they couldn’t possibly ever expect. Something far more terrifying than they ever could’ve imagined. 

And something that poses a major threat to not only their town, but the entire world.