Sunday, March 10, 2024

*FREE EBOOK* How We Became Intergalactic Superheroes

My children's science fiction comedy, HOW WE BECAME INTERGALACTIC SUPERHEROES, is FREE on Amazon for a limited time (5 days)! Here's a link to it on Amazon:

All his life, twelve-year-old Ben Grishop has been practically nonexistent. Hardly anyone knows who he is, he’s not good at anything no matter how hard he tries, and he blends into all chairs and benches. But when he and his friends Joe and Dana are abducted by aliens one fateful summer night, they have the chance to become famous for saving the universe. That is, if they can survive a planet full of giant, man-eating, French-speaking crabs, a pair of tuxedoed, gibberish-spouting men with handlebar mustaches, and the mysterious “immensely powerful, evil force from The Realm Beyond.”

Jampacked with action, humor, and heart, How We Became Intergalactic Superheroes will have middle-schoolers and the young at heart alike hopping the closest spaceship to their own next cosmic adventure.