Saturday, December 23, 2023

How We Became Intergalactic Superheroes - Full Color Version

Here's a full color version of the chosen sketch for the cover of my upcoming humorous science fiction middle-grade book. Coming along quite nicely, I think! The next steps are to incorporate my author name and the book's title. The title will have special treatment from what I understand. As in, it won't be like my Between Dark and Light books, which have their own special logo and what not, so it will be fun to see some takes on that (I assume I'll get at least a couple to choose from, but we'll see).

The spine and back-cover will also need to be done (for the paperback version, that is), but the back-cover will probably either just be the outer space you see here or a "ghosted" version of the front along with the back-cover copy, which is what the Between Dark and Light books have. Outer space will probably look better, though, I'm thinking, but we shall see! Looking forward to the next steps - stay tuned!

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